Our Hebrew Reading curriculum is based on the internationally acclaimed Aleph Champion Hebrew Reading Program.  The Aleph Champ Program is a karate motivated Hebrew reading system, and is designed as a multi-sensory learning experience that uses visual and tactile mnemonics to teach the sounds of Hebrew letters and vowels. 

Taking inspiration from karate, the program divides Hebrew reading skills into 10 colored levels.  There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals.  Beginning with letter recognition for our youngest children, the program leads students through phonetic decoding, Hebrew reading, and writing. Age appropriate textbooks and workbooks are completed throughout the year.  Moving up a level in Aleph Champ is a source of pride and this makes the students self motivated to succeed. 

Our Judaic studies curriculum covers a wide range of Jewish traditions, values, heritage, and history, using materials from award-winning programs such as My Jewish Home, Jewish Lifecycles, and iTorah.  The students explore Jewish life, and gain practical instruction in the Jewish holiday customs through arts and crafts, and hands-on learning. They also learn about the deeper meanings of each holiday and its relevance today.  

Prayer time focuses on students learning the meaning of each prayer, as well as some key words of the Siddur(prayer book) to remember. They also learn wonderful songs both from the liturgy as well as songs about Jewish life and traditions.