• Rosh Chodesh SocietyJoin us for our monthly course for women; Next class: Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 | 7:00 PM more info
  • Passover Wednesday, April 5 - Thursday, April 13
    Your one stop shop for everything Passover! Sell your Chametz | Reserve for the community Seder & more!
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  • Sam Bradin: A Holocaust Survivor's StoryWednesday, April 19th | 10 am
    Join the Wisdom Circle and hear the incredible of story of survivor Sam Bradin, on how he and his brother survived the atrocities of World War ll.
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  • Tefillin ClubA power breakfast for the body and soul!
    First Sunday of every month
    9:00 am at Chabad Jewish Center
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Looking for a place where Judaism thrives, spirituality is heartfelt, and creativity is part of the furniture? A place where an unlettered Jew, a Chassidic Jew and a hippie all share a passion for their people? A place where the tradition, modernity and culture merge? A place where your questions are valid and you can make a difference? A place where you are not judged, but are welcomed exactly as you are? A place where Judaism is celebrated with joy and meaning? Welcome to the Chabad Jewish Center!
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Learning & Inspiration
  • Man as CreatorWhat the Rebbe said on his birthday 51 years ago Read More
  • Two Remarkable Visits to the OhelMarina and I also committed to returning to the Rebbe’s Ohel a year after this visit. We pledged... Read More
  • 13 Maror Facts Every Jew Should KnowThe Bitter Herbs of the Passover Seder Read More
  • The One Super Simple Thing to Do Before Passover!Selling chametz is an important and easy part of Passover prep Read More
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