CKids Club - General Information

Children ages 7-12

Time: 10:30-11:30am

Cost: $15/child

Location: Chabad Jewish Center of Mt Olive 

Focusing on Judaism while experimenting, laughing, and cooking, the Chabad Kids Club is by far the most educational and fun program that gives a special focus to children as a valuable community of their own.  Great friends and memories are made, and seeds are planted for participation in the Jewish community in the future. 

Calendar of Events - Academic Year 2023-24

Rosh Hashanah Sweet Shoppe
Sunday, September 10

Start the year off sweet! Aspiring confectioners and candy connoisseurs get buzzzy as they melt, mix and knead holiday sweets and treats. Starring magnificent edible honey challah dishes, flavorful honey sticks, honey taffy, and make-your-own honey flavored lip balm.

Chanukah Chocolate Gelt Factory
Sunday, December 3

Get messy at this Chocolate Gelt Factory that goes from cacao bean to chocolate coin. While your chocolate hardens, learn engineering techniques to wire your own electric menorah.

The Tu B'Shvat Gummy Shoppe - Healthy body, healthy soul.
Sunday, January 21

We'll make fruity Tu B'shvat gummies by infusing the delicious treats with natural juices and healthy vitamins.

Then, become a Doodle Master and create your own family doodle art diary!

The Purim Laughing Lab
Sunday, March 17

If you want to join this club, make sure to bring...your smile! We'll be laughing out loud at the wackiest Purim lab you've ever seen, learning about the Purim Mitzvot with cool new tricks and science experiments.

The Passover Escape Room- the Freedoman Files!
Sunday, April 14

Journey through ancient Egypt to unlock the mysteries of the Pesach Seder, solve hidden clues and rescue the Jewish people before it’s too late!

Shavuot Dairy Farm
Sunday, June 2

A farm to table experience where you create your own cheese board from start to finish. Learn how to make and flavor your very own cheeses, and design and stain a wooden cheese board masterpiece.

Ckids is a project of the Chabad Jewish Center of Mt. Olive